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You know sales copywriting, content marketing, social media and marketing are all part of a business right? However if you’re not sure what you’re doing or going for the $5 an hour option your efforts are probably costing (and doing) you and your business more harm than good.

Here you’ll save time and hassle, start to improve your marketing messages, results and knowledge and start creating marketing assets for your business. Best of all you don’t risk a thing because we’re the only copywriting, content and marketing service that gives you an exclusive “Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee.”

Brian Got What He Paid For

With so many direct response copywriting and marketing services locally, nationally and offshore it’s hard to decide who is real, who can deliver and what separates the good from the bad. 

Brian went for a cheap option and hired a copywriter for $9 an hour. The guy he found sounded good online, blitzed the interview and passed himself off as a professional copywriter but he had no experience in Online marketing, direct response copywriting or direct mail marketing at all.  

Brian also found out that this person had very limited English skills, knew very little about Australia let alone the Australian marketing and buying environment. In fact, Brian even suspected that he outsourced his copywriting project to one of his friends. The result? Brian was out $350 USD out of pocket, a whole lot of wasted time and frustration but learnt a valuable lesson all to save a few bucks.

ECMC, the only copywriting, content & marketing service in the world providing you with

• A “Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee”

Experienced Australian content writers, direct response copywriters, proofreaders and marketers who understand the Australian way of life and business which is crucial to your marketing success

• A 90-day “After Project” Follow Up Tweak & Tune Up Service

• Fixed pricing

• Sample mock-ups and layouts of your project if required

Guaranteed project delivery dates

• Keys advice on where you could eliminate your marketing waste & improve your original idea or concept

• 13 years in the trenches experience of me building my own businesses

• Proofreading and editing included

Rapid response copywriting services available

• I’m celebrating my 30th year in the industry

• I’ve featured in 2014 edition of the Australian Entrepreneurs Book and other online and offline publications since 2005

• And I was a 2014 Telstra Business Award nominee

Now, if you want to put your marketing messages, results, income and businesses future in the hands of people based on how cheap they are, a university student or employee with no skills in writing sales copy or marketing that is none of my business.

However if you’re after value, a relationship and real results long term using an Australian team of based direct response copywriting, content writing or marketing consultancy service with an experienced team it really comes back to how you see yourself and your business and how much value you place on your marketing, business and income.

So, why don’t you call me right now on:0412 288 339 or email me to find out how and if I can help you get more leads for your business so you can “Cut Through The Clutter & Ignite Words & Your Marketing & Brand Into Money.”

Good luck whatever you decide and I look forward to speaking with you soon

Eddie & The team

Why Market Results Focused Professional Service Businesses, Online Marketers & Entrepreneurs Prefer Us Over Our Competitors Foreign & Domestic

#1. They value their marketing and together we create Marketing assets – Unlike our competitors our service to you is much more than just writing a piece of website copy, an 9 or 12 step email auto responder campaign or direct mail marketing piece and leaving you to it.  We create and deliver value by creating lethal marketing assets with guidance and support so it keeps delivering returns long after your initial investment. Try getting that with an offshore $5 an hour copywriter or a service who is only interested in seeing you as an invoice. 

#2. “Love Your Sales Copy” Guarantee. Our 88% customer repeat and referral rate speak for itself. To date, I’ve only ever have to ever refund two clients projects fee’s which mean 98% of the people we have written direct response copy for since 2003 have been really pleased with the online and offline copywriting we’ve done for them. 

#3.‘After Project’ Tweak & Tune-up Service – This awesome ‘After Project’ Tweak & Tune Up service means you’ll receive cosmetic edits and tweaks on the project we’ve done for you over the value of $1,000. You get to use this service once the copy we’ve written for you has been ‘live‘ ‘tested’ and ‘measured’ in the marketplace for 6-8 weeks. 

#4. Fixed Prices for marketing and copywriting services and products – With us the price and inclusions on your proposal are what it costs and what you’ll get. We don’t hide any extra fee’s or slip in things here and there. That’s not how we operate and that’s not the way to treat people. 

#5. Niche copywriters who know your target audience almost as well as you do for maximum results – Over the past 13 years our team of direct response copywriters, website designers and marketers have written written sales copy and generated new and repeat clients for people with finance and financial planning service businesses, retail businesses, lifestyle products businesses, Real Estate services, coffee and holiday service based business just to name a few.

#6. Fixed Project Delivery dates – We know the blood, sweat and tears you put into launching a new website, planning your direct mail marketing promotion or email marketing campaign. That’s why we give you a firm delivery date so you know what’s going on and when to expect it.

#7. Save Your Cash Flow copywriting, website and other Payment Plans. With full-service pay by the month website design and copywriting plans, online and offline marketing systems and much more, increasing your marketing returns using a professional Gold Coast based and national copywriting service is well within most people’s budgets and reach. Contact us now for more information or a quote.

#8. 13 years service and going strong –  ECMC and the “Eddie” brand is a family business and is known as one of the leading direct response copywriting and marketing agencies. With a head office on the Gold Coast, we serve clients all over Australia and have a network of affiliates in a town or city near you. 

#9. We’re here to serve you. Options and win/wins. You’ve contacted us help and we’re not interested in just ‘finding you, flogging you and forgetting you.’ So if you get a costing from us and it’s not within your budget let there are alternatives.

The Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre Story

From my humble beginnings as a small freelance copywriting service operating from my garage in late 2002, Eddies Copywriting & Marketing Centre has grown to become one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised brands.

It’s forged on a foundation of almost 30 years experience in the direct response marketing and copywriting industry and the result of my 13 years in the trenches of building my own businesses.

Since we started our Definitive Selling Proposition (DSP) is more than just something we say. It’s something we live and stand behind which is why some clients love the peace of mind they get with our “Love Your Sales Copy” Guarantee.

Other customers love knowing we’ve been around for over 13 years so they know we’re here to stay and are much more than just an email address.

Then we have other customers who say we’re easy and fun to deal with and they get a hassle free service and great results!

Another segment of customer’s love the fact that they can pick up the phone and tap into my 30 years combined direct response marketing and copywriting experiences whenever they need to for FREE and

When you add that with the fact that I and my team live and breathe outrageous marketing, copywriting and business building using the same billion dollar copywriting and marketing strategies icons such as Jay AbrahamDan KennedyGene SchwartzTed Nicholas and many others it’s easy to see why many of competitors copy us but none of them can ever match us.

Kathy Hogan No Hesitating… 

kathy Hogan image

Kathy Hogan, Gold Coast Entrepreneur

“Knowing Eddie’s work I had no hesitation in recommending him to one of my clients. Eddie took a detailed brief and provided suggestions with a very short turn around. He also kept me in the loop, which is really important and appreciated.

“My client loved Eddie’s ideas and was happy with his work, so that was also good for me seeing as I recommended Eddie. Another great thing about Eddie is that he is not precious about his ideas and has an open dialogue with his clients. He is happy to make any changes that are requested.

Great work!” Kathy Hogan, Gold Coast Entrepreneur

Self-starter accepted responsibility and found ways to make things happen when others could not

“I moved to Australia in 2003 and bought a beautiful house on top of the mountains outside of Mudgeeraba near the Gold Coast:

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending 6 months of the year overlooking the Gold Coast and the Mountain parks.

Don Panoz image

Don Panoz, Developer Nicotine Transdermal Patch, Australian and American Entrepreneur

My wife had serious surgery and was not able to travel anymore and  I needed to sell our house. Of course, this was in the midst of the financial downturn. 

“After being in touch with numerous Real Estate firms, it was evident that they did not have the skills to market a beautiful property during and Economic crisis on the Gold Coast.  I was referred to Eddie Bryant, who accepted the task of preparing Marketing material for the house.

“Surprise, Surprise, he arranged for the photo shoot directed the type of visuals and backgrounds that  were a need for the material, was responsive and directly interested and involved.  To me, he was a self-starter, accepted responsibility and found ways to make things happen. The type of professional we always need to represent us and out thoughts.”

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