What types of people use Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre services?

White & Blue Collar Business Development Managers, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Managers such as Sue, John, Don, Kerry & Robert.


Sue McKeen, PG& A Accountants Pty Ltd

Why? Because they value their marketing, are time poor and understand that having an experienced direct response copywriter is invaluable to their marketing ROI, profits and growth.

We write online and offline marketing copy, marketing funnels and more for people such as Business Development Manager Robert Dybala of myconnect.

In Robert’s case, he was referred to me by another great client of ours Debbie & Carlo Holland of Cleaning Support Services.

Like a lot of business owners and managers I speak with, Robert was time poor. He had plenty of ideas’s to test to create new and repeat sales but never executed them. To add salt to the wound, Robert did not have the copywriting and marketing skills, which resulted in frustration and missed opportunities for their business.

After calling me and finding out what Robert and his customers needed we created a combination of surveys, online and offline marketing collateral and marketing systems or blueprints for him.  This included copywriting and creating the marketing system for his Business Development Manager shock and awe pack as well as creating and mapping out a follow-up marketing system, a property manager acquisition letter, writing email several autoresponder campaigns and more.

“Eddie’s a copywriter and marketer who understands what I, my business, marketing goals and customers needs are all about. I love the fact that he never missed a deadline, spoke in a language I understood and always on time when we set up a conference all. With Eddie, you get much more than just a copywriter. The results we’ve got to date have been better than anything I’ve ever done myself or paid someone else to do. Great service, highly recommend and Eddie has great energy.” Robert Dybala, Business Development Manager, Myconnect

We’ve also written direct response copy for Entrepreneurs such as CEO of Custodian Wealthbuilders John Fitzgerald.

john Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald, Custodian Wealthbuilders

Then we have Australian and American Entrepreneur and the man who developed the Nicotine Transdermal patch Don Panoz.

Smaller business owners Sue McKeen of PG&A Accountants, Kerry King, Your Social Village and countless other business people all over Australia

Some have international businesses, some national and some local however they all our online and offline direct response copywriting services for various reasons.

Some are time poor and writing marketing sales copy and creating marketing systems is not their strength.

Others have tried writing their own copy for their website, brochure, email campaign and so on with little or no success. Then another segment understands that marketing is an investment in their business as are the services of a pro direct response copywriter.

Of course, we’re in the business of helping you build a better business through the written word, marketing and branding.

Don panoz

Don Panoz, Transdermal Nicotine Patch Developer

It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time to talk so contact us today on 0412 288 339 or email us here to find out more about how you can get your copywriting and  marketing working for you, not against you.

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Screenshot 2015-11-11 15.34.20About Eddie, Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre & Eddie Enterprises – Eddie is an “A-List” copywriter and visionary marketer creating marketing assets for businesses that keep delivering cash in the bank results long after the original investment. He’s in partnership and connection with small businesses service professionals, Entrepreneurs, retail services and others hungry to multiply new and repeat sales online & offline using direct response copywriting, marketing and personal branding while also teaching people in business how to reduce their marketing waste.

A regular presenter at business events he’s also featured in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book, was nominated for a Telstra Business award, has featured in the New Zealand Herald and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand. Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre has everything you need for copywriting, branding and marketing.

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