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If you’re the type of busy business professional who values their time and understands the value of blogging for your business but struggles with

• Having no time to write your content

• Deciding what your content should say or how long it should be? (Generally, make your content between  500-800 words in length)

• What topics to blog about and

• How to maintain and execute a successful content marketing strategy

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For over 13 years I and my team of content writers and bloggers have written many successful articles and engaging content for businesses all over Australia to help them

• Build better search engine rankings

• Create brand awareness with their hottest prospects

• Engage and create influence with their readers, fans and customers

• Free up their time and save money so their website content is relevant, fresh and up to date.

Of course, other benefits of using Eddie’s content writing services are

• You won’t have to be constantly worrying about idea’s and topics for your content

• You don’t have to hire another staff member or have the additional costs

• You’ll attract more of the right type of people

• You receive a content writing service that’s located in Australia with me at the helm and my 13 years experience in business building, copywriting and 30 years industry experience

• As an outsider, we’ll be able to write in terms of benefits for your prospects and customer’s unlike you or an employee who is probably too close to your business

• You’ll have compelling content to help convert more people into ‘money in the bank’ customers and build your list or database

• Establish you and your brand as an authority

What sorts of blog and content do we write?

The best articles and blog posts that work is the one that engages people, are relevant and help people find answers to questions they have. Of course subject to what your brand, business goals and whom your hottest prospects and readers are, the sky’s the limit. We’ve written serious content, funny blogs and lighter content.

As long as it motivates people to take the desired action you want them to take it will have served its purpose. This is something we can discuss in more detail when you contact me.

What industries have we written blogs for?

To date, we’ve written blogs and content articles for

• Outdoor lifestyle products

• Coffee services

• Financial services

• Some trade services

• Real Estates

• Granny flat services

• And quite a few other professional and retail businesses

Okay, so what’s the next step for you?

The best thing to do is contact me on 0412 288 339 or here to discuss the finer details such as

• Whom your customers and hottest prospects are

• How many blogs you think you may need

• What you’re trying to achieve

• An idea of what you’d like to dedicate as your blogging budget

• If you’d like to use infographics and video’s

• If you’ll provide the keywords or do I and so on

Don’t get overwhelmed with all this. I’m here to help and I can provide as much as you like or as little as you like.

And we can write just one article for you, or take care of

Get a quote today for your blogging and content

If a competitive advantage is something you’d like for your blogging and content marketing with all the content written by myself and my team of Australian-based bloggers who live and work in Australia call me on 0412 288 339 or email here to discuss the finer details of your content marketing strategy.

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Screenshot 2015-11-11 15.34.20About Eddie, Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre & Eddie Enterprises – Eddie is an “A-List” copywriter and visionary marketer creating marketing assets for businesses that keep delivering cash in the bank results long after the original investment. He’s in partnership and connection with small businesses service professionals, Entrepreneurs, retail services and others hungry to multiply new and repeat sales online & offline using direct response copywriting, marketing and personal branding while also teaching people in business how to reduce their marketing waste.

A regular presenter at business events he’s also featured in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book, was nominated for a Telstra Business award, has featured in the New Zealand Herald and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand. Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre has everything you need for copywriting, branding and marketing.

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