Part II – Killer Sales Page Writing Tips

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Jaffaman Eddie here.

Following on from last weeks posts here is Part II of my series on tips to writing and structuring your sales page.

If you missed Part I you can read those tips here


Part II

Sales Page Writing & Structure Tips

Step 4 – Bullet Point Your Features

As you know people are time poor and scan readers. So what you want to do is highlight key features of your product or service and bullet points are great for this because they draw the eyes reader’s in and break up large periods or chunks of copy.

Here’s an example of bullet point based features based on our weight loss example

Here’s what you’ll receive:

• Access to all the resources, past and present

• A private Facebook support group

• 40 page Healthy meals in 15 minutes recipe book

• Weekly meal plans

Step 5 – Bullet Point Core benefits

Example based on weight loss

The direct benefits you can look forward to experiencing are

• Increased energy

• Feeling and being more attractive to your partner or potential partner

• Glowing confidence and happiness in all area’s of life

• Better sex

• Improved relationships with friends and family

• I can do anything mindset

Sales page writing tips

Step 6 – Exclusivity – Qualify Them or Draw A Line In The Sand As They Say 

This is where you want them to feel and make it exclusive. Now you will have already done some of this in step 1, Who is it for and your core message, step 2, problem, guilt and pain and step 3 with testimonials

What you really want to do is here draw a line in the sand and spell out whom your product or service suits best, whom it is not for and whom it is not for and use bullet points for this

Step 7 – Call to Action

Subject to what the action is you want them to take is ‘click here’ ‘register here’ ‘apply now’ make sure you place your call to action in several places throughout your sales page not just at the bottom.

Marlon Brando Offers

Step 8 – Give Them Your ‘Marlon Brando’

People are sceptical so what you want to do here is give them a Marlon Brando or any offer they can’t refuse. This is where you can introduce added values such as a free bonus, something else of value, a free trial or reduced price for today only

Step 9 – Mention Your Guarantee

The best way to build trust and credibility with new people especially if you are asking them to take out their wallet and give you their credit card number is to guarantee your offer. Also if does not have to be a money back guarantee

Eddie's Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee

Step 10 – More social proof

Feature more video or text testimonials and try and use testimonials with a photo of the person so they are more credible.

Other – Only include your ‘apply or buy now’ button or credit card order form at the bottom of your sales page. Do not include social media links or links to other pages on your website on your sales page. You want them to do thing and one thing only and sending them somewhere else with other links will lose you the sale or lead. Send them to one place and get them to do one thing only on your sales page


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In 2014 he featured in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book, was nominated for a Telstra Business award, has featured in the New Zealand Herald and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand.

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