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Part I – Sales Page Writing Tips

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Part I

Sales Page Writing & Structure Tips

By: Jaffaman Eddie, Chief Operating Officer (T.G.I.C.)

Eddie’s Copy writing, Content & Marketing Centre

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Date: January 11th, 2016

When it comes to writing a sales page most people who are writing it themselves are stopped dead in their tracks for several reasons

First, they are not clear on whom they are writing to

Second, most are written by in house staff with other duties and roles so they are not professional copywriters, unsure about their goal so they stare at a blank screen for hours and

Third, they’re not sure what the right elements and structure is to write a sales page

Tips to Write A Sales Page

Okay, here are a few tips to help you start overcoming these issues so you can start to write sales pages yourself. I do not have any claim to fame on this sales page structure. I’ve used this structure and the copy writing principles for decades not only for sales pages but for most of my direct response copywriting services and projects.

Please note – Use bullet points and sub-headers to break up large pieces of copy and to make certain points stand out and draw in the reader’s eye. Also feature your call to action in several places throughout your sales page copy especially if it is a long sales page.

Writing a sales page isn’t rocket science…

Sales Page structures

Speaking from own copywriting and marketing experiences, the structure and elements of writing a sales pages is no different than writing any other type of direct response sales copy really.

For example

• When you write website copy your message needs to have a headline that speaks and attracts a specific someone. With copy for a sales page your headline needs to do the same thing. 

• In your lead (opening sentence) you need to talk about where your reader is now and go deeper than just highlighting a problem they may be having. You need to talk about how their problem is probably affecting their business, health, life, finances or whatever on a deeper level. This copywriting principle applies to all direct response copywriting whether it is website copy or a sales page. So…

Step 1. “Whom Is Your Sales Page For & What Is Your Core Message”

How to Write A Sales Page

Now seeing it is the New Year, I imagine a lot of people have made a New Year resolution to lose weight so let’s use this as a practical example on how to write a sales page so you get the idea

Before writing a single word be clear on whom you are writing to and have a core message. Get clear on not only on their core problem but go deeper. Where they are now, what have they done to handle it or solve it.

Here is an example of what I mean. I’ll use my weight loss theme as an example


Weight loss sales pages

Frustration or problem – Okay, so their frustration or problem is that they’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked. They are caught on the merry go round of weight loss and have been for years.

Go Deeper using pain and guilt – Now think and go deeper than just highlighting the problem. You’ll  discover the real guilt or pain of someone trying to lose weight would be thoughts and feelings such as

• They can’t play with their kids as much because they are out of breathe due to being overweight

• They feel guilty because they are not leading by example for their kids

• They feel bad because they are teaching their kids poor eating habits and setting them up for the same fate

• They feel pain and are unhappy because they are unattractive to the opposite sex so they may be lonely

• They feel guilty because they know they are shortening their own life

• They feel guilty because they are spending $100 a week on junk food, which they know, is bad for them

• They feel bad because they are trying to improve themselves but they keep slipping back to old habits which shatters their confidence

Summary So step 1 to writing a great sales page copy is to have a have a headline that attracts and speaks to someone, and to highlight a problem then go deeper to get to the pain and guilt in your lead. Like I said talk about what it is like not to be able to play with their kids for very long. How it feels that they are not leading by example and how they are setting their kids up for unhealthy lives by teaching their children poor eating habits so they can relate to it.

Goals Setting for Sales Pages

Step 2 – Goal, Outcomes and ‘What If’s’– Talk in terms of outcomes

Using our weight loss theme above that means you need to write and speak to them about their outcomes and things such as

• What is he or she hoping to achieve?

• How much more happier and confident will they feel without the extra weight?

• How does he or she see their life or health improving?

• What if they did this and lost weight? How will their relationship with their children change if they lost weight?

• How will they feel being more attractive to their partner and how much more confident will they have in finding a partner

Summary – So step 2 is to write and speak in terms of their goals and outcomes and what they hope to achieve

Step 3 – Put Them In The Picture – Introduce you/ your product or service as the solution to the pain, guilt and problem

What you want to do here is put them in the picture as they say. Show your prospect how their business, life, finances whatever will look after working with you or buying your product or service. This is also a great place to feature social proof – video or text testimonials or a short case study so people can see how you helped them.

Try and use testimonials that tie into the guilt and pain in step 1 so he or she can relate to them and feel like you really understand their problem, pain and guilt. This way they will have confidence and are comfortable that you, your product or service can help them just as it has helped others.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting II of the writing sales pages and structure tips next week.

Until then

Jaffaman Eddie

Good luck

Eddie COO (T.G.I.C.)

Chief Operating Officer


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