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Organic Butcher Slices Up Leads With Eddie & Webinar

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“Step-By-Step Process To Creating Leads Using Webinars”

By: Jaffaman Eddie T.G.I.C.

• Chief Marketing Officer • Content Executive •

Eddie’s Copywriting, Content & Marketing Centre

Eddie’s Enterprises, Gold Coast

Date: November, 4th, 2015

Today I want to share with you another strategy to help you sell a product or service while building your database Creating Leads With Webinarsat the same time.

It’s called a webinar and we’ve all heard of them however, not many people in business are really utilizing them.

Now, this strategy like many I learn, test and share, can be used by almost any business if you open your eyes and mind.

For example, a solicitor could use a webinar to create leads with a webinar topic being “Been injured in an accident? Get all the facts you need to know before hiring a compensation solicitor at this free webinar.”

Want another one? How about an Organic Butcher holding a webinar?

Recently I showed an organic butcher how to do a webinar to create how a butcher creating leads using a webinarleads and memberships for his business. The webinar topic was “Everything you need to know about buying organic meat from your butcher”

What he offered to attendees was a book on organic meat recipes when they signed up for a special membership to join his ‘Organic Only Best Cuts Meats Club.”

This is basically a subscription membership model where members get price savings on organic meats as well as other perks.

Want another webinar topic for a non traditional webinar businesses?

Lets say you’re an Earthworks service. You could give a webinar on the topic, “11 things you need to know before you get a sandstone boulder retaining wall.”

So, if an organic butcher, a solicitor, and earthwork service (who are not really webinar savvy) can do it and succeed, there is no reason you can’t.

Stuck for a webinar topic? Give me any product or service and I’ll give you a few suggestions for your webinar as my pay it forward gift to you

If you’re in business and have wanted to hold a webinar but are scratching your head about what topic your webinar should be aboutcontact me now and I’ll give you a few suggestions FREE as my pay it forward gift to you.

Here’s how to create a webinar to create leads and sales for your business

Step 1. Have an open mind and create a short webinar using webinar soft wares such as, Any Meeting, Go To Webinar, Google Hangouts or other webinar software.

Step 2. You need a topic. Using a solar panel electricity installation service as an example, you could hold a webinar based on, “What you need to know before buying and installing solar electricity for your property.”

Step 3. Invite people to your webinar using your existing database and social media. Send them to a landing page on your website where you can capture their name, email and address details.

Step 4. Webinar Landing page registration – Call me crazy but while they are registering for the webinar, I like to have an offer on that page as well. For example once they sign up on a landing page for the webinar, a pop up could come up that says something like,

“Congratulations on booking in to my webinar. You’re going to learn about {webinar topic} so make sure you log in on time and have a pen and paper handy for notes. I’ve also got a limited number of {widget/product/e-book/ service offering} showing you {how do it or avoid the mistakes or a consultation via phone or in person} which you can get right now before anyone else for {$cost}

Step 5. Hold your webinar. I like to keep them at 20-30 minutes to keep it short and maintain people’s interest. Keep your webinar simple in tone, language and presentation and bring your offer 10 minutes before your webinar finishes.

Step 6. Deliver the product or service you offered in your webinar.

Step 7. Follow-up with everyone who did not buy or attend with a, ‘Sorry you were not there or you missed out email’. Some people don’t attend webinars due to technical difficulties, others forget and some others (like me) get lost in the time differences between states and countries.

My own system after holding a webinar is to send a ‘Sorry you were not there’ email and then send an offline marketing newsletter to them as well.

Good luck and if you have questions reach out to me!

To profitable marketing and being happy
Jaffaman Eddie T.G.I.C.

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