Introductory Copywriting Offer

“Get To Know Us” Introductory Copywriting Offer

Get a new headline, a FREE Jaffaman Marketing Magazine and a 3 Step Email Follow Up Email series with a “Love It Or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee for just $29.

057_TC 100212-HR-1Welcome, I’m Jaffaman Eddie, The Guy In Charge of Eddies Copywriting & Marketing Centre and Eddie’s Enterprises.

To be frank, I know when I’m looking for a new service such as a graphic designer, mechanic, candlestick maker, copywriter or whatever what a long, frustrating and tedious process it can be.

You want to know if they can deliver on what they say can. You want to have trust and confidence in them and get to know them a little before parting with your hard earned cash.

Of course adding fuel to the fire is the fact that every man and his dog seems to be an expert as well irrespective of the fact that they have little or no real life,  business, copywriting or marketing experience.

The reality is, the real world is a distrustful place full of people trying to find us, flog us and forget us

So I’m going to help you overcome those worries and concerns so you and I can get to know each other better

This way we can build some trust between us, you can get some confidence in me while I remove any risker fear for you as well.

Of course you’re also going to get over $450 of my direct response copywriting and marketing services not for free but for under $29

So what I’d like to do for you to kickstart our relationship is this…

#1. First, I’m going to write you a new cut through the clutter headline that you can use on your website, flyer, sales letter or other marketing to attract new customers or upsell existing clients – just let me know who the new headline is for (new or existing customers) and where it will be used

#2. Then I’ll going to mail you a free hardcopy edition of my latest Jaffaman Eddie Marketing magazine. This is a full colour magazine full of proven copywriting tips, marketing techniques, and practical business information for Entrepreneurs and spring time moeny mag cover.Jbusiness owners who want to market their business smarter and then

#3. I’m also going to give you a 3-step email follow up series or sequence that you can use to convert enquiries into sales.

All for just $29 which is about $400 off the normal price and… as with any of my copywriting, marketing and information products or services you get my

“Love it or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee

So if you don’t like your new headline, I’ll give you every cent of your money back, you get to keep and use the headline, the FREE magazine and use the 3-step email follow up series as well.

As for the fine print?

This is only for people who are curious about our copywriting and marketing services who have not done business with me before. And like all good things they go quick because I only do 29 of these get to know us introductory offer for 29 people a month for $29.

So get your new cut through the clutter headline, a FREE Jaffaman Marketing magazine and a 3-step email follow up series for $29 while you can.

Its as easy as  picking up the phone and calling me on:0412 288 339 or emailing me and I’ll get in touch with you for more details about your hottest prospects, ands whether your new headline is to attract new clients or get existing customers buying more.

Remember, if you don’t like your new headline and 3 step email auto responders series I’ll give you every cent of your $29 back and you get to keep and use the headline, the FREE magazine and use the 3-step email follow up series as well.

Order now!

“The bold headline you came up with for our Press Release and the website audit you did, said it all. Well done!”

Rick Fabri, M1 Racing








Jaffaman Eddie T.G.I.C.
Published Author, Chief Copywriter & Business Builder
Eddie’s Copywriting & MARKETING Centre
Eddie’s Enterprises GOLD Coast

Head Office Address: 18 Brendan Drive, Nerang, Qld, 4211 Australia

Phone: 0412 288 339

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