How To Evolve From A Technician To Marketer

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By: Jaffaman Eddie

Chief Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Education Officer T.G.I.C.

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Date: July 31st, 2015

Technician To Marketer Series –  Final Installment

Listen to the Audio version below

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Here’s the final installment in the ‘technician to marketer’ series in audio and text.

It’s been a busy three months too!

I’ve had heaps of regular readers, subscribers and people from all over contacting me and picking my brains!

Some have asked me for more ‘hands on’ and in-depth personal training. Others have just enjoyed and started taking action on the tips and some other people have grabbed a free potent profits marketing pack t0 help them get started which has all been really cool.

Now, one last thing before we get into the top eight (8). Over the past three months I haven’t really gone into strategic planning, outsourcing and so on.

The reason for that is, if you want to be the marketer or manager of your business instead of the technician it all starts with you. It’s one of those “In order to change, you must change first” things.

I also want to add that you know yourself and your business better than anyone else and my role is not to tell you what to do.

Some people enjoy being on the tools in their business and some don’t. Only you can decide what is right for you and what is right for you as different things work for different people.

Enjoy, feel free to share or add to this & Good Luck, Eddie

8 Benchmarks To Help Small & Solo Business Owners Evolve From The Technician In Their Business To The Marketer of Their Business

#1. Your Environment 

Now, I’m not just talking about your work environment here.

I want you to think beyond your physical environment. For example, if you want to evolve into a marketer go to events, webinars and read books about marketing. If you want to lead more and delegate more, read about how to become a great leader, manager or outsourcing. If you want to improve your knowledge in business finances as I am doing at the moment, go to your library and read books about business finance, attend a course or get a mentor.

#2. “Kill off” the old you

What I mean by that is: If you’ve have decided it’s time to get off the tools so you can focus on marketing, managing and building your business, then the old you that is used to taking the call, quoting the job and doing all the “hands on” work has to die!!

Example? I knew sooner or later that if I was going to build the businesses and life I want the old me had to go. So my old habit of watching TV all night has been replaced with two hours of TV a night with my family, at least one hour of reading and doing up my ‘to do’ list for the next day.

#3. Be strategic not an opportunist

Opportunists have the mindset and actions that sales build their business which is true to a point but…

Strategic business owners or entrepreneurs have the mindset and actions that relationship’s build their business

#4. Action Exercise – Make a list of all the tasks you currently do or conduct in your business

Then, go along your list and tick three (3) tasks you can delegate or outsource. Then put a target date next to each of those three tasks to have someone else doing those for you by the target date you’ve set.

#5. Focus on using online and offline direct response marketing & models 

Forget about the flashy billboard that costs $5,000 a month and focus on lead generation, repeat and referral 

#6. Focus on the big rocks 

For years I’ve been an avid fan and viewer of the UK Entrepreneur show ‘Dragon’s Den’ and The Australian version show ‘Shark Tank.’ When it comes down to it many Entrepreneurs and businesses fail due to poor financial IQ myself included. Know your numbers.

#7. Test Small, Think Big Then Roll Out BIG! 

Many people in business I come into contact with spend thousands of dollars upfront on marketing in the hope it is going to work. Always test small, then roll it out if your marketing campaign or offer is successful

#8. Take control of your time, energy and money

Sadly they don’t teach these skills at school and while this is easier than it sounds it is just about making the decision and creating new habits. Live your live with intent, operate your business with adventure and take control of your time, where and what you put your energy into and money.


One of the hardest things to make the shift from being the technician in your business to the marketer of your Free marketing sample promotions packbusiness is deciding what you want to keep doing and delegating or outsourcing what you don’t want to do.

For some people that includes copywriting & marketing. Not only is it time consuming and wasteful but knowing who to trust with so many self proclaimed experts out there can be costly and expensive as well.

Which is why the $711 of free marketing samples and promotions in the Potent Profits marketing pack exist and why it is 100% free.

It includes over $711.11 of direct response and social media marketing samples, resources, training and techniques especially designed for start up and the small business owners & entrepreneurs who want to develop their marketing skills so they can multiply their sales and profits.

It was created by me, is 100% FREE and has ‘runs on the road’ meaning the marketing samples and business information in it has been used by Aussie Entrepreneurs and business owners for the past four years in their own marketing.

And for as limited time you can get this absolutely FREE. No postage, no handling fees no anything.

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From Frank Gardens, Financial Services, Vic

“I was sick of wasting thousands of dollars on image advertising with no accountability from the people who Potent Profits Marketing Pack advised me to do it their way. I was also sick of not having any systems in place to generate new and repeat sales and in the discovery call with Eddie he shared with me why it was a bad idea for me to keep copying my competitors.

“One of the things I like most is, this marketing is supplied by Eddie who is also a Aussie Marketer for people with Aussie businesses and Eddie’s a published entrepreneur who’s also out there like me doing it. He’s also one of the most friendly and authentic people I know which is rare these days so I can relate to that and it’s something I admire.

“Also when I first got this pack I was all about making more money but over time I’ve learnt a valuable lesson. While improving my marketing with support from Eddie was the original purpose, being around Eddie has also ignited my passion again.  It’s about creating the marketing stamina and mindset, funnel and systems using direct response copywriting and marketing that you can action and implement to create new, referral and repeat customers intentionally using the resources you have with Eddie’s help and support. Grab your pack today like I did.” Best wishes Frank

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