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8 Reasons Why Content & Copywriting Is Good For Your Business & Soul

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By: Jaffaman Eddie, Chief Operating Officer (T.G.I.C.)

Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre

Part of Eddie’s Enterprises, Gold Coast, Australia

Date: January 5th, 2016

The Benefits Of Using A Professional Content & Pro Copywriter…

1. Hiring an outside copywriter or content writer means quicker turnaround for your business. 

Why? Because you won’t have to assign the copywriting duty to a staff member who already has his or her other tasks to perform. It frees up time because it eliminates the strain on staff and business resources.

2. Level Of Experience Using a staff member to write your copy means that staff member probably won’t have the same level of copywriting experience, focus or views an outside copywriter will have. Successful copywriting that delivers money in the bank sales is like anything, a skill-set that takes time and patience to learn.

Eddie's Copywriting Centre

3. Experienced Objectivity – An experienced copywriter will be able to offer you truthful objectivity from a consumer point of view that many businesses fail to recognise. Marketing is not about you, it’s about getting your audience’s attention and getting them to take the desired action you want them to take.

4. Honesty Zero politics Hiring an outside copywriter means there are no office politics. It creates an open and honest forum where criticism is easier to give than if it were a staff member trying to do their best with what they have and limited skills.

Accurate and meaningful…

“Modern Communication Systems is the Telstra Solutions and Services Partner for the Gold Coast servicing clients such as Gold Coast City Council, Commonwealth Departments of Defence, Tax and Customs as well as over 1000 small and medium business clients. We have engaged Creative Solutions to provide copywriting services to ensure that our marketing message to our clients is accurate and meaningful.  We are very happy with Creative Solutions and with Eddie in particular. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.” Martin Holland, Dealer Principal, Itelec

Graphic Design By Eddies Copywriting Centre

5. Helps speed up the Graphic Design process – A large majority of copywriters also have design experience. That’s not to say they are graphic designers, but they do have a picture in their mind and some will supply a black & white mapped-out layout of how the finished design or project could look for your review. This can help speed up the process for you from copywriting to graphic design stages.

A Personal Touch…

“Eddie Bryant has worked with Crc over the past 6 months ?I have worked closely with Eddie in the Lead generation side of the business. ?He has a list as long as your arm of ideas but he has worked it so the few idea’s that we have put in place,we have been able to track and monitor them. ?He is always on hand to take a call or answer a question, there is a personal touch in what he does and thats rare. ?The work he has done is first class and I would highly recommend Eddie to anyone out there looking to grow their business? Hats off to the man in Orange.” Darren Cook, CRC Business Solutions


Darren Cook

6. We’re all equal, however, you don’t go to a Lawyer For Heart Surgery. – All of us can write, however, writing headlines that attract people’s attention, copy that engages the reader and tells people what to do with a call to action is a different set of skills than writing an email. After all, you don’t go to a GP for heart surgery, so it makes sense to entrust your marketing copy to someone who writes sales copy every day to achieve a better result service, sales content and overall outcome.

Eddie's Content Writing Services

7. Get what you want – There are copywriters who specialise in specific fields such as the Health industry and those who are generalists. There is also confusion about what a copywriter is. For example: A journalist is not a copywriter. They are a writer that’s reporting or giving an opinion based on facts they have received.

Unfortunately, most businesses copywriters are the front desk reception when they can get to it, and business owners have the best intentions but are usually to time poor to give it the attention it deserves. This results in businesses copying their standard brochure copy on to their website with poor results for several reasons.

Everything Your Business Needs For Copy Writing, Content Writing & Higher Marketing ROI With… • A ‘Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee’

                        Brad Hauck

Well targeted…

“Eddie writes great copy. As someone who has a love of copywriting in all its facets, I was pleasantly surprised with the angle he took on a piece he was writing for me. It was well done and took a well-targeted approach. I would recommend Eddie and his team for any work you need done to increase your online conversions and offline direct mail marketing.” Brad HauckMr Web Marketing

8. Avoid Magic Bullets – Avoid any copywriter that says money is going to fall from the sky and that they can solve all your problems. Copywriters cannot control the world’s economy, people’s buying habits, watch over your marketing processes or guarantee results, as there are variables in life and business no- one can control.


$100 Cash Back Special Offer

Eddie's $100 CashBack Copywriting

As a thank you for your support, reading and sharing this post I am giving you a $100 cash back on those copywriting projects you’ve been putting off. Just organise your quote here or call me direct on: 0412 288 339 and if you proceed within 7 days of receiving your quote you will receive $100 cash back on the completion of your project.

Terms – $100 cash back is not valid with existing quote or any other Eddie business offer, membership, event or promotion including the Potent Profits gift pack or any Eddie Information Marketing Product purchase. Copywriting project quoted must be valued at $450 or more to receive $100 cash back and this offer is subject to change without notice. This offer expires 5pm Friday January 22nd, 2016. ORDER NOW. Phone 0412 288 339

Good luck with it and if you need any further help just reach out to me.

To your business and copywriting success

Jaffaman Eddie Bryant

Chief Operating Officer



Eddie’s Enterprises

• Ph.0412 288 339

• Head Office: 18 Brendan Drive, Nerang, Qld Australia, 4211


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Screenshot 2015-11-11 15.34.20About Eddie, ECMC & Eddie Enterprises – Eddie is an “A-List” copywriter and visionary marketer creating marketing assets for businesses that keep delivering cash in the bank results long after the original investment. He’s in partnership and connection with small businesses service professionals, Entrepreneurs, retail services and others hungry to multiply new and repeat sales online & offline using direct response copywriting, marketing and personal branding while also teaching people in business how to reduce their marketing waste.

A regular presenter at business events he’s also featured in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book, was nominated for a Telstra Business award, has featured in the New Zealand Herald and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand. Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre has everything you need for copy writing, branding and marketing.








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