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5 Game Changers To Help Propel You And Your Business Forward in 30 Days

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By: Jaffaman Eddie, Founder Eddie’s Enterprises

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I’ve been in this direct response copywriting and marketing industry for almost 30 years now.

First, I was an employee working for other Entrepreneurs. Then I became a COE (Chief of Everything) technician business owner from my hot sweaty garage 12 years ago, which I am sure you can relate to if you have ever started or still operate your own business.

In the past five or six years though, I’ve evolved into an Entrepreneur. These days industry peers now call on me for advice, I’m building several businesses with several income streams and am known as the guy in charge of one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised Copywriting & Marketing Centre brands.

Anyway for me the biggest game changers haven’t been reading the books, doing the courses, writing out my future life or writing my goals as valuable and beneficial as those things are.

To be honest, different strategies deliver different results for different people. Based on my own experience I think the five things below have propelled me, my clients, students and mentee’s further and faster than anything else are those below, which is why I thought I thought I’d share them in the hope they some or all may do the same for you.

#1. Take action. Yes, it’s that simple. Don’t plan don’t overthink it just take action. I think it was David J Schwartz, Ph.D. who said in his book The Magic Of Thinking BIG is that “action cures fear” and it does. I think Dan Kennedy takes it one step further and says in his NO B.S. Wealth Attraction Book that “action attracts wealth and breeds confidence” or words to that effect and I think based on my own business and personal experiences of this concept that this rings true.

Take away action step – If you’ve been putting off calling the person with an overdue account, following up on that client or even putting off to make the time to think about how you can service your clients better, become a better marketer or get that new idea off the ground stop thinking abut it, stop planning it and take action on it today.

#2. Knowing whom you are and what your mission or purpose is. A lot of us go through life wanting money, cars and material possessions without really knowing why? I used to be one of them. The sad truth is the cars; money and material possessions will make you happy for the short term. Go deeper and identify your ‘why’ because if you do not know your why you are here and what your purpose is, the cars, expensive homes and all the trimmings mean nothing.

Take away action step – Sit down and work out what it is you really want and what you and your businesses purpose is if you’re in business. Is it to help other people? Is it so you can donate $1,000,000.00 a year to various charities? Is it so you can enjoy a $100,000 a year lifestyle? Take spur of the moment holidays without even thinking about the cost? Are you here because you want
your business product or service to make a difference in peoples lives? Only you can decide why you’re here and what you want to achieve.

#3. Mentor – Over the years I’ve had my fair share of being mentored. I’ve also mentored University students, copywriting cadets, solo business owners, my Marketing club members and other Entrepreneurs, which I’ve loved every minute of. I do believe we become what we think about and that who you hangout with is extremely important for your mind body and soul. The minute you say “I know that to yourself in business, you’re dead!”

Take away action step – Go and get a mentor or mentor someone else. Make the time and invest in at least one networking event a week, one webinar and having a BIG IDEA’s action day for your business.

#4. Marketing – When I first went into business for myself I had been writing direct response copy as an employee for about 3 years and been in the industry for over 10 years. I had worked for some very clever innovative people when I went out on my own and thought I had a good handle on how to market and grow a business. How wrong I was! It’s not enough to be good at what I did. YOU need to focus your energy on being the marketer of your thing, not the technician and paper pusher of your thing.

Take away action step – Get a pen and paper and write out all (at least some) of the paper pushing tasks you do at the moment. These could be; surfing the Internet or social media, writing an email newsletter, chasing up accounts and the list goes on. Now pick three things on your list and delegate them to someone else. If you have staff delegate the tasks to them. If you’re by yourself
use Fiverr, Odesk or outsource so you have time to focus on the only thing that matters in your business, which is marketing.

Now what I mean by that is focus your time, energy and thoughts on income producing activities that bring in new customers, keep existing customers buying more, creating referrals, serving customers better and marketing your business so you are top of mind.

#5. Make decisions quick – One habit I picked up from being a Creative Director and being in charge of up to 25 people in my corporate life and Entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the past 12 years is they do make decisions fast. At first I struggled with this. I think this was due to my corporate life where I had to answer to people, qualify my decisions, and account for the cost and so on. At the time a great learning experience however a lot of red tape, passing the buck and too many politics for me.

My point? I’ve made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of money over the years as an employee, a father, husband, person, front man in bands and Entrepreneur but because I’ve made those mistakes I can help other people including my customers avoid them.

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